Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Zhora was a character from the movie Blade Runner. She was a replicant and had superhuman endurance. She worked as a dancer in Taffy's Bar, and had a thing for snakes. She was used in murder squads and Deckard tracked her down, finding her at Taffy's bar. Zhora attacked him, but Deckard got away. She tried to escape, but Deckard shot her, 'retiring' her.

Some baby name sites list Zhora as a male Russian variant of George, but the only notable people I can find that bear the name are Armenian. It could also be a variant of the girl's name Zora. Zhora does not appear in the Social Security Administration's Name Database.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013 Roundup

British Baby Names profiled Archer, known to geeks as the surname of the first Captain of the Enterprise, and Malcolm, the tactical officer that served under him.

Baby Name Pondering gives us Atlas, which is a moon, a star, a comic book, a video game, and much more. They also profiled Axis, from the Wayfarer Redemption fantasy series.

Bewitching Names discussed Ceres, which is a dwarf planet.

Appellation Mountain looked in depth at Melody, the birth name of Doctor Who's River Song.

Nameberry has a post on names from the work of Neil Gaiman.

Once Upon a Time Baby names has a list of Magical Names.