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The Dwarves of the Hobbit
The Dragons of Game of Thrones
Direwolves in Game of Thrones

September 2015 Roundup - Alma, Yvaine, Moon & Star names, Goku, Chrome's T-Rex, Oberon

August 2015 Roundup - Perseid, Clark, Andromeda, Nova

July 2015 Roundup - Teela, She-Ra, Echo, Joss, Wonder Woman names, Vega, Constellation names, Luna

June 2015 Roundup - Flynn, Game of Thrones, Moya, Chiana, Star Wars, Post-Apocalyptic Names

May 2015 Roundup - Hermione, Nolan, Leia, Avengers, Secular Names, Denali, Pixar, Steampunk, Game of Thrones, Gordon

August 2013 Roundup - Archer, Malcolm, Atlas, Axis, Ceres, Neil Gaiman Names, Magical Names.

July 2013 Roundup - Domino, Jubilee, Pacific Rim, elf names, Cancer, Harry Potter 'H' Names, Jaina

June 2013 Roundup - Tanith, Stark, Ismeria, Dale, Fiora, Cypher, Kitai, Tesla, Ameratsu, celestial names

May 2013 Roundup - Cedric, Caspian, werewolf names, dragon names, minotaur names, Atreyu, Mira, Merewen, Cestus, Chrysalis, Delta, Joss Whedon Names, artic names

April 2013 Roundup - Clara, Khaleesi, Idris, Lore, inventors, Severus Danger, Thor, Saturn Marie, Freya.

March 2013 Roundup - Éowyn, Joss Whedon, Morgana, 1980's Fantasy Films, Arthur, Equinox, Harry Potter 'G' Names, Neville, Moon or Pepper

February 2013 Roundup- Romulus, Benzene, Colm, Dragon Age 2, Harry Potter Names A-F.

January 2013 Roundup - Ender, Rue, Sheldon, Leonard, The Periodic Table, Pi, Narnia, Phoenix, Ryker.

December 2012 Roundup - Sliders, Dwarves of the Hobbit, Vega, Io, Rand, Pixel.

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