Wednesday, February 15, 2017


In X-Men, Wade Wilson is the real name of Deadpool. He was a mentally unstable mercenary with incredible healing abilities.

The name Wade appears in several D.C. Universe characters. Wade Eiling was  known as The General. He worked on Project Adam and had did not like superheroes. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, he had his mind placed in the body of the Shaggy Man. Larry Wade was a character in the Dakotaverse. He dated Frida Golden and worked for a street dealer. Wade LaFarge was Slade Wilson's psychotic half-brother. The woman he loved married Slade Wilson, which drove him mad. He was an assassin.

In Babylon 5, Wade worked for Edgar Industries, was involved in Garabaldi's betrayl of Sheridan

In George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, House Wade was an extinct house that used to be located in Dorne.

In the Marvel Universe, Wade Cole was a cyborg and a member of the Hellfire Club.

In the Star Wars: Demolition video game, Wade Vox was an Alderaan smuggler.

There are two possible origins for the name Wade, both in Old English. It is either derived from the word wadan which means 'to go', or the place name wæd, meaning 'a ford'. In 2016, Wade was the 521st most popular name for boys in the U.S.