Saturday, June 25, 2016


Theia is the name of a hypothetical planet. In the early solar system, it is believed that the Earth was struck by a proto-planet about the size of Mars. The theory is that the collision of the two young planets caused the formation of the Earth's Moon.

THEIA is the acryonym for a telescope proposed by NASA called the Telescope for Habitable Exoplanets and Interstellar/Intergalactic Astronomy.

In Greek mythology, Theia was a Titan who was the mother of the moon goddess Selene. The name means "Goddess or Divine". In 2015, Theia was given to 75 girls.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Direwolves in Game of Thrones

Six Direwolf puppies were left orphaned when their mother was killed by a stag. They were each adopted by the six Stark children, with whom they each formed an especially close bond. Their names are great inspiration for name your own pet. This post is spoiler free, if you want to know more about each, click the links to their descriptions at A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Ghost -  Jon Snow's direwolf. Ghost was all white, with red eyes. Ghost was the smallest at birth, but grew to be the largest.
Grey Wind - Robb Stark's direwolf. His fur was the color of grey smoke and he had yellow eyes.
Lady - Owned by Sansa Stark, Lady had grey fur and yellow eyes. She was the smallest of the litter.
Nymeria - Arya Stark's direwolf. She had grey fur and golden eyes. She was named after a legendary Queen.
Shaggydog - Rickon Stark's direwolf. He had black fur and green eyes. He was sometimes just called Shaggy.
Summer - Bran Stark's direwolf. He had silver-grey fur and yellow eyes.

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