Saturday, February 9, 2013


In physics, an ion is an atom or molecule that has a net positive or negative electrical charge due to losing or gaining one or more electrons.

In the D.C. Comics universe, Ion was created from the Green wavelength of the emotional spectrum, and was kept secret for eons. It gave the Green Lantern corps a portion of it's power. Ion was set free when Hal Jordan destroyed the Central Battery, and it chose Kyle Rayner as it's host. 

Ion was also a character in the Marvel Comics Universe, where Ion was a super villain.  Ion was the alias of Voletta Todd, a nuclear physicist who was turned into a cloud of ionized gas during an experiment gone wrong.

Ion was also the name of a short lived Japanese Manga published in 1997.

Since Ion is only one letter off from Ian, I think it would work as a first name. In 2011, 5 boys were named Ion.

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