Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Inara Serra was a character on the short lived television show Firefly, and it's subsequent feature film, Serenity. Inara was a licensed courtesan to the wealthy, referred to as a Companion. Her services went beyond the physical, and she helped with her client's emotional well-being as well. She leased one of Serenity's shuttle craft which she used to travel to meet clients. Although it was not mentioned in the series or the movie, behind the scenes information revealed that Inara had a terminal illness. 

Inara comes from a deity in Hittite mythology. She was the goddess of the wild animals of the steppe. She was a protective deity, and was involved with the Puruli spring festival. In the Greek pantheon, she was known as Artemis. Some name websites claim that Inara is of Arabic origin and means 'Ray of Light' or 'Heaven sent', but I can't find much else to back up that claim. In 2011, the name Inara was given to 108 girls in the United States.

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