Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In Harry Potter, Firenze was a centaur that lived in the Forbidden Forest. In the first novel, he saved Harry Potter from Voldemort and carried him to safety. He became Professor of Divination when Professor Trelawney was fired by Dolores Umbridge. His colony banished him because they saw this as servitude. When Trelawney was rehired, they shared the class. Firenze was wounded in the Battle of Hogwarts, and eventually was allowed to return to his colony.

Firenze is the Italian name for the city of Florence. I think it would be a great way to honor someone named Florence. It was also the name of a famous racehorse. Firenze does not appear in the Social Security Administration's name database.

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  1. Ah I loved Firenze, if only they showed his divination class in the movies...

    Great post!