Monday, May 27, 2013


Nyssa was a companion of the Fifth Doctor in the television series, Doctor Who. Like the Doctor, she was the last of her kind, as her homeworld, Traken, had been destroyed. Her father Tremas, was a Consul on Traken, and she had a privileged life. She specialized in bioelectronics, and possessed a brilliant intellect. Nyssa met the Fourth Doctor when he came to Traken to stop the Master from becoming the Keeper of Traken, a powerful position that her father was heir to. Unfortunately, the Doctor was unable to prevent her father's death at the hands of the Master. The Master released waves of entropy on the universe, which destroyed Traken. After the Doctor was mortally wounded in his fight with the Master, he regenerated. While he was still recovering from his regeneration, Nyssa helped him back to the TARDIS. Since she no longer had a home to return to, she stayed in the TARDIS as his companion. She ended her travels with the Doctor at the space station Terminus, which was a treatment facility for those with Lazar's disease. Nyssa contracted the disease, so she chose to stay behind to help find a cure, which she eventually did.

Nyssa Raatko was a villain in Batman comic books. She was an illegitimate child of Ra's al Ghul, one of Batman's greatest enemies. She was born in Russia in the 19th century. She tracked her father down, and joined him until she became disenchanted by his genocidal plans. When she refused to allow her children to become his heirs, he disowned her, however, he did allow her to keep a Lazarus Pit, which gave her extreme longevity.

Nyssa Damaskinos was a vampire in the movie Blade II. She was a natural born vampire, and daughter of Eli Damaskinos.

In the Star Wars franchise, Nyssa was a planet where the Mecrosa Order arose.

The name Nyssa comes from an ancient Roman town in Turkey, and is the genus name of the Tupelo tree. Nyssa has never been in the top 1,000 names in the U.S. In 2012, 24 girls were named Nyssa.


  1. My younger brother had a girl named Nyssa in his class - doing some quick maths in my head, she must have been born the same year Nyssa became known as the "Doctor Who" character.

    Oddly enough, I don't think I ever made the connection between Nyssa from the TV show and Nyssa on the school bus at the time.

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