Monday, May 6, 2013


Barbarella was a French comic character created by Jean-Claude Forest in 1962. The comic spawned a movie, also called Barbarella, in 1968, and a musical in 2004. The character represented a future where women were sexually liberated. Barbarella traveled to other planets, meeting aliens that she often had sex with. 

Barbarella was the name of a German hybrid rocket launched in the 1970s.

Barbarella is a variant of the name Barbara, which means foreign, or strange. Barbarella only appeared in the Social Security Administration's database for 2 years. In 1969 the name was given to 17 girls, and in 1970, it was given to 8 girls.

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  1. Barbarellas is an adult entertainment store which I used to live near as a student. That's all I can think of now!