Monday, February 25, 2013


Delenn of Mir was an ambassador from the planet Minbar in the television series Babylon 5. She was one of the leaders of the Grey Council, Minbar's ruling council. After a year aboard Babylon 5, she underwent a transformation inside an ancient device that turned her into a Human-Minbari hybrid. She and John Sheridan, the commander of Babylon 5, fell in love and were married. Together they had a son, David Sheridan. She became the leader of a group of Rangers in the Army of Light. When John Sheridan decided not to run for re-election as President of the Interstellar Alliance, she was chosen to succeed him. 

Delenn is an invented name. It's a few letters off from the Cornish name Dellen, but I think that may just be a coincidence. In 2011, 5 girls were named Delenn.

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