Saturday, November 24, 2012


Andromeda was the first geeky name that I fell in love with. Andromeda is a name from Greek mythology, so it has some very non-geeky roots. Andromeda was a princess that was rescued by Perseus. The story should be familiar to anyone who has seen either of the Clash of the Titans films. 

Andromeda is both a constellation and a galaxy, making her a fitting name for star-gazing parents. 

For Sci-Fi fans, there is the Andromeda television series that starred Kevin Sorbo. In that series, Andromeda was the ship, and the A.I., nicknamed Rommie, that controlled it. The Andromeda Strain was a novel by Michael Crichton that was later adapted into a film.

For Fantasy fans, Andromeda "Dromeda" Tonks (nee Black) was a character in the Harry Potter series. She was the mother of Nymphadora Tonks and the sister of Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Andromeda is a popular name in comic books. She is a minor character in the Marvel Universe. Andromeda was the code name of Laurel Gand in the D.C. Comics Universe as well. In Manga, Andromeda Shun is a character in the Saint Seiya franchise.

In 2011, 31 girls were named Andromeda. The name is easily shortened to 'Andie' or as in the t.v. series, 'Rommie'.

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