Thursday, November 29, 2012


Rory is an Irish name with a long history that I won't go into here.

For Whovians, it's the 11th Doctor's companion, Rory Arthur Williams, husband of Amy Pond. Rory is a nurse who is killed, then reincarnated as a Roman Centurion robot who devotedly guards Amy in the Pandorica for thousands of years. In Dr. Who, he's the ultimate nice guy, and it's wonderful to see the nice guy finally get the girl!

Rory gets a brief mention in the Hunger Games Trilogy as the younger brother of Gale Hawthorne.

You'll find Rory's in comics too. In the Marvel Universe, he's Ahab, aka, Dr. Roderick 'Rory' Campbell. Rory Regan, aka Ragman, is from a short lived D.C. Comic of the same name. 

Although Rory is a male name, it's seeing increased use for girls, both as a stand alone name and a nickname for Aurora. In 2011, it ranked at #599 for Boys, and at #903 for Girls.

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