Saturday, April 6, 2013


Temeraire is a Dragon created by author Naomi Novik. Her Temeraire series consists of seven novels that re-imagine the Napoleonic Wars with an aerial squadron of Dragons thrown into the mix. Temeraire is a Celestial dragon, a rare breed that is worshiped in it's native China. While still in his egg, Temeraire was captured from the French by a British ship, and the ship's Captain William Laurence became the dragon's companion. Temeraire's power is the 'Divine Wind', a roar that produces a concussive force that can destroy objects.

Téméraire is a French word that means "rash, reckless, foolhardy." The name wouldn't really work for a person, but I think it would be an awesome name for a rambunctious pet.

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  1. I've read these books - I think a person could possibly pull it off. I've certainly seen stranger!