Wednesday, April 3, 2013


In the television series, Being Human, John Mitchell was a vampire with a werewolf roommate in a flat inhabited by a ghost. Mitchell attempted to go 'dry', and refrained from feeding on humans, in an attempt to live a normal human life. In the end, he failed, and asked his werewolf roommate to kill him so that he would not continue to take human lives. 

Cameron Mitchell was a U.S. Air Force pilot, and later the leader of SG-1 in the series Stargate SG-1. While a pilot, he led the Earth forces at the Battle of Antarctica, becoming seriously wounded. When he recovered, he was given his choice of assignment. He chose SG-1, only to discover that the original team was dissolved, and he made it his mission to get them back together.

Gary Mitchell was a helmsman on the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek television series. When the Enterprise traveled into the galactic barrier, Mitchell and Dr. Dehner came into contact with energies of the barrier. When they recovered, they developed powerful god-like abilities. Mitchell's powers corrupted his personality, and with the help of Dr. Dehner, Captain Kirk was forced to kill Mitchell.

Mitchell was a member of Katniss's sharpshooting team in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. He was from District 13, and was killed during an assault by Katniss's team on the Capitol.

American Maria Mitchell was a 19th century astronomer who discovered a comet that became known as "Miss Mitchell's Comet". There is a crater on the moon named Mitchell in her honor.

Mitchell is a surname with several origins. It can be a variant of the name Michael, an anglicization of the Irish surname Mulvihill, which itself comes from Ó Maoil Mhichíl, or it might be derived from the Middle English word meaning 'Big'. Mitchell has appeared in the Social Security Administration's database as a first name since the first recorded year in 1880. In 1994, the name reached it's highest peak at #71. In 2011, it ranked at #418.

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