Friday, October 2, 2015


In Andy Weir's science fiction novel, The Martian, Hermes was the name of the space ship that transported humans between Earth and Mars. Hermes did not land on either planet, however. It launched from earth's orbit and remained in orbit of Mars while the crew transported to and from the surface in other vehicles.

In Futurama, Hermes Conrad was a bureaucrat and accountant at Planet Express. He loved being a bureaucrat and was often concerned about his grade. He was once a professional limboer. He had a wife named LaBarbara and a son named Dwight. He did not like Dr. Zoidberg.

Hermes was the name of Percy Weasley's owl in the Harry Potter series.

In Kino's Journey, there was a talking motorcycle named Hermes.

69230 Hermes is a S-Type asteroid that crosses the orbits of Venus, Earth and Mars.

Hermes was the Greek God of transitions and boundaries. He was known as the messenger God, and was called Mercury by the Romans. In 2014, 8 boys were named Hermes in the U.S.

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