Sunday, July 28, 2013


An atom is a unit of matter that consists of a nucleus of protons and neutrons surrounded by a cloud of electrons.

Atom is a boxing robot in the movie Real Steel. Charlie Kenton and his son Max found Atom in a junkyard when they were salvaging parts for another robot. Max fell off a precipice, and was snagged on Atom's arm that was jutting out of the side of the cliff, saving his life. Max insisted on digging up Atom and bringing him home. Atom was a simple sparring robot, but with some creative maneuvers from Max and Charlie, he went on a winning streak. In their big showdown with Zeus, the voice controller was damaged. They used Atom's shadowboxing feature so that Charlie, an ex-boxer himself, could control him from the sidelines.

Captain Atom is a comic book hero that has been featured in his own series, but has also been part of the Justice League. Captain Atom was a scientist who was 'atomized' in an accident, which made him atomic powered.

A.T.O.M. or Alpha Teens On Machines, is an animated television series from France. It centers around a group of teenagers who use high tech gadgets and weapons to fight a criminal mastermind.

Arthur Thomson was a science fiction artist that used the name Atom.

Atom is a programming language. It is a domain-specific language (DSL) in Haskell, for designing real-time embedded software. Intel Atom is a name of an Intel CPU (Microprocessor).

I think Atom can work as a name because it sounds similar to 'Adam', and could also be used as a variant of 'Tom'. In 2012, 52 boys in the United States were named Atom.  

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