Saturday, January 19, 2013


Pandora was the homeworld of the Na'vi in the movie Avatar. Pandora was a moon, with a low gravity that allowed animals to grow large by Earth standards. Much of the plant life on Pandora had bioluminescent properties. Eywa was the deity of Pandora, and was manifest in a biological neural network throughout all life on the planet.

Pandora Pann was also a character in the D.C. Comics universe. 

One of Saturn's moons is named Pandora. A rather large asteroid in the asteroid belt is named 55 Pandora.

Pandora is best known as the first woman in Greek Mythology. The only time Pandora ranked in the top 1000 names was in 1952, when it ranked at #784. In 2011, 52 girls were named Pandora.

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