Saturday, January 12, 2013


Aeon Flux began as an animated short on Mtv in the 1990s. By the third and final season, it grew from a few minutes in length to a full half hour. In 2005, it became a live action film starring Charlize Theron, which spawned a video game and a comic book. Aeon was a secret agent from the nation of Monica, who infiltrated the neighboring police state Bregna, which was led by her nemesis and lover, Trevor Goodchild.

Aeons were a type of creature in the Final Fantasy series of role playing video games. They were powerful creatures that could be summoned and controlled by the player. They were a physical manifestation of the dreams of the Fayth, people whose souls were removed from their still living bodies and sealed into stone tablets. 

Aeon was a Latin transliteration of a Greek word that meant life or lifespan but has evolved into the English word Eon, meaning age, or a long period of time. In 2011, the name Aeon was given to 7 girls.

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