Tuesday, July 28, 2015


In the original Star Trek, Miri was a child who lived on a planet identical to Earth. The inhabitants of her world invented a virus that would greatly increase their life span. However, it proved fatal to adults. The children of the planet lived for hundreds of years in a long lasting childhood, but when they hit puberty, the virus killed them. Miri was just beginning to reach puberty when the U.S.S. Enterprise found the planet. The landing party became infected with the virus, and Miri developed a crush on Captain Kirk. For awhile she helped them, until she became jealous of Yeoman Rand. She helped the other children kidnap her, but Kirk convinced her and the other children that it was in their interest to help them cure the disease. After Dr. McCoy found a cure, the Federation sent people to provide aid and education to the children.

Miri is a variant of Mira, which is of Latin, Slavic, and Hindi origin. It means 'wonderful, peace and prosperous. In 2014, 27 girls were named Miri in the U.S. 

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