Saturday, June 27, 2015


In the pilot episode of the original Star Trek, Vina was the sole survivor of the SS Columbia when it crashed on Talos IV. The inhabitants healed her, but in a disfigured form, because they had no idea what a healthy human looked like. The Talosians had strong telepathy, which they used to give her an illusion of beauty. They lured the U.S.S. Enterprise to their planet with a fake distress signal in order to find a mate for Vina. They captured Captain Christopher Pike for this purpose. When Pike demonstrated that humans would rather die than live in captivity, they deemed Pike unsuitable. Vina stayed behind because of her disfigurement. Thirteen years later, after Captain Pike was crippled, Spock brought him back to Talos IV so that he could rejoin Vina and live with her in the Talosians world of illusions.

Vina is a Sanskrit name that means 'lute'. In 2014, 12 girls were given the name Vina.

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