Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic is the leader of the superhero team The Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four started out as a Marvel series, and has led to two blockbuster films. Reed was a scientific genius. Due to exposure to cosmic radiation, he had the ability to stretch or shape-shift his body into nearly any shape. He is sometimes portrayed as cold and distant to his teammates. He is married to Susan Storm aka the Invisible Woman, with whom he has two children, Franklin and Valeria.

Malcolm Reed was the armory officer on the Enterprise NX-01 in the Star Trek franchise. As such, he was in charge of security. He was one of the principle characters on the last Star Trek television series, Enterprise. Malcolm was from an English family with a long history of service in the Royal Navy, but Malcom suffered from aquaphobia, so he entered Starfleet instead.

In science, the Reed Reaction is a chemical reaction. A reed relay is a relay that uses an electromagnet to control reed switches.

Reed is an English surname that means "red haired". Except for two years in the 1880s, Reed has always appeared in the top 1000 given names in the United States. In 2011, it reached an all time high ranking at #367.

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